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Live as you'd like. It's hard to know what's right. Pray if you want, but try to love the ones who don't.



➺ Largest directory of welcoming and affirming (of LGBT people) Christian churches across the world. Also has many articles explaining homosexuality in the bible and clearing up myths. They define "affirming" as not just welcoming to LGBT people, but doesn't see homosexuality as a sin and supports them (e.g., offers leadership positions to LGBT people and performs same-sex marriages). They define "welcoming" as allowing LGBT members, but with restrictions (e.g., must be celibate or not allowed leadership positions). Keep the distinction in mind when you're browsing their church directory.


➺ Autopsy reports of famous and infamous persons.


➺ Recordings of the headstones in the Cimitero Acattolico.

findagrave.com: Find a Grave - Millions of Cemetery Records

➺ Large online database of cemeteries and headstones. You can place virtual flowers.

gabrielditu.com: M. Eminescu - Poesii / Poems

➺ Collection of Mihai Eminescu’s poetry. Offers both original Romanian poems and English translations.

fa-kuan.muc.de: Mihai Eminescu Poetry

➺ Collection of Mihai Eminescu’s poetry. Some have audio recordings (Romanian) and text translations in multiple languages.

romaniaexperience.com: Romania Experience

➺ Lots and lots of information about Romania.

dollreference.com: Biggest Online Resource Identifying Dolls Antique to Modern

➺ Exactly what the title says… The largest online database of dolls.

uer.ca: Urban Exploration Resource

➺ Resource for urban explorers. Has a map and a forum among other things.


➺ The Bandcamp of my favourite record label.

acloserlisten.com: a closer listen - a home for instrumental and experimental music

➺ Album reviews of instrumental and experimental music. Great way to find new musical artists.

colorsafe.co - accessible web color combinations

➺ This site generates an accessible/readable colour palette for your text (using the background colour). My site isn't very accessible since I'm not good with this kind of stuff, but I use this for my stuff to try and make it at least slightly more accessible. I strongly recommend using this.


➺ I love this site a lot. Basically, you make lists. An endless amount of lists for whatever you want. It can either be used for fun or for productivity, or both. You can organize your lists by categories and folders and customize your profile a bit.

Product Care Recycling

➺ This is a Canadian-only site, sorry. But what this site does is give you locations for the Canadian provinces where you can recycle hazardous waste. It's safe and eco-friendly. The whole point is to share things with others and protect the environment. Very cool. They focus a lot on paint, so if you're looking for some paint, there's a great eco-friendly free way to get it!

Northern Bushcraft

➺ Northern Bushcraft is a site that serves as an online guide of edible wild plants for foragers. It has lists of wild edible berries, mushrooms, and plants for each province in Canada and some areas of the United States.

Vegan Tattoo Studios

➺ This site gives you the names/locations of vegan tattoo studios! Sadly, lots of tattoo studios aren't vegan. There's glycerin (made from animal fat) in their razors and ink. Their soap is usually not vegan or cruelty-free, and neither is the design paper they work with, which is often made using sheep's wool. I understand how upsetting it'd be to get a tattoo and find out later on that you have a dead animal trapped in your skin forever, so let's try and avoid that by using this wonderful site!

Ethical Consumer

➺ Ethical Consumer is a great site that lists the ethical problems of certain products and companies so you can make a better decision on what to buy. They also list good/ethical alternatives. Very cool site and I recommend it!