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Live as you'd like. It's hard to know what's right. Pray if you want, but try to love the ones who don't.

About Lucius

Hello, my name is Lucius. I'm a 17-year-old autistic male that suffers from schizophrenia (professionally-diagnosed). I mention those because it's important for you to understand what this site contains. There's lots of negativity, delusional ramblings, and triggering topics. That being said, there's no autoplay music, flashing images/colours, or screamers anywhere on this site. I'm not good at coding, so this doesn't work on most screens and it's not perfectly accessible, but I try to make it as accessible as I can. Browse this site at your own caution.

This site serves as a diary (journal?) of sorts. I write about whatever I want here. If you're confused what the symbols underneath the artwork is, they're links. Click them to be taken to different pages, or hover over them to read the tooltips to see where it takes you.

If you want to stalk me, you can only find me on Listography and here (for cyberstalking). You can add me on Discord, too, if you'd like, just be warned I'm terrible at talking to others. My Discord tag is OMENS#1984. You can view and sign my Eulogy (guestbook) here.

My interests are: Thanatology, music, forensic entomology, arthropods, paleontology/dinosaurs, speleology, religious studies, the Victorian era, body modifications, fairy tales, recreational drugs, horror, stuffies, dolls, Atlantic puffins, and certain videogames.

My hobbies are: Drawing, playing piano, learning more about my interests, caring for headstones/gravesites, collecting various things, gushing about how perfect men are, and urbex.

Some things I like are: Fog, rain, tea, confections/sweets, purple, Monster Energy, needles, having my hair played with, warm blankets and clothes, circuses, men, and night walks.

Some things I dislike are: Pedantry, wind, lady beetles, children, quackery/pseudoscience/self-diagnosers, religious illiteracy, sports, any artificial light that isn't red, watermelon, loud people, people that think being rude is cool, and coffee.

I don't take online personality tests seriously, and you probably shouldn't either, but just for fun, here are some of my results: INTP (MBTI), 4w5 (Enneagram), Melancholic (Temperament), snake (Animal in You), RLUEI (Global5), Musical (Multiple Intelligences)

I talk about my spiritual and religious beliefs a lot, but they tend to be all over the place/switch constantly because of my schizophrenia. Don't mention it. I'm already aware and thoroughly embarrassed. I'm trying to figure out how to balance this. Trying to figure out what are my actual beliefs and what are just delusions is incredibly difficult.

I love death. I don't say that in an edgy way, I genuinely have positive views on death. My biggest and most passionate interest is thanatology. All aspects of death are interesting to me... scientific study; religious/spiritual perspectives, rituals, and customs; everything. I find corpses beautiful, too. And no, I'm not a necrophile if that's what you're thinking. I don't want to have sex with a corpse, I just want to hug one. If I'm outside, it's most likely to visit a cemetery. I love to take care of burial sites, like cleaning headstones. It defines me, so I thought I should mention it here.

I'm terrible at describing my personality, so the best way to learn about that is by reading my journal ('Thinking' page). Here's some random facts about me, though.

Lastly, here's a small glossary of words/terms/names I use in writing.